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Welcome to Liberty Wealth Management

At Liberty Wealth Management, we begin by acting as counselors of your financial literacy. We empower you to make smarter and more intentional financial decisions by sharing what we have learned over the past forty years as wealth advisors.

We look at wealth from a quality standpoint, not a quantity burden. In other words, we won’t focus on the dollar amount of your wealth alone. Rather, we focus on creating an abundant and meaningful life for you, your family, and the causes you are passionate about.

As our client, you entrust us with more than just managing your wealth. Our singular goal is to guide you to a life of significance that includes yet reaches beyond your wealth to enable greater impact across multiple generations of your family and the larger community you inhabit.

Certified Kingdom Advisor®

More Christians are discovering that the worldview of their financial advisor is of critical importance. As a Certified Kingdom Advisor®, we are a conscientious Christian financial advisory firm trained in providing biblically wise guidance to men and women seeking to integrate their faith and finances.

Strategic Generosity

Through our kingdom-minded approach to philanthropy, Strategic Generosity, we show clients how charitable tax planning can increase philanthropic giving while reducing taxes and increasing personal cash flow and wealth for the giver. Appreciated assets for charitable giving in designated funds can grow in value on a tax-free basis so that clients will have more capacity to give and see the impact of their generosity.

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Putting Your Wealth to Work

If you were to meet with us three years from now and look back over those three years, what would need to happen, personally and professionally, for you to be happy with your progress?

What dangers need to be eliminated?

What opportunities need to be expanded?

What strengths need to be maximized?

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