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Family Conferences

There will be a Family Conference. 

It will either be with some lawyer who may have little or no idea about you or your family or you can conduct the Family Conference with our guidance and share deeply about your family’s history and values. Which conference is more likely to communicate your hopes and dreams for your heirs (children, grandchildren and beyond), clarify the basis for your wealth transfer decisions, encourage wise stewardship, and mentor them so the bonds of love you have sought to nurture will thrive for generations to come?

Family conferences are the means by which a family develops trust among the generations so that each member is heard and valued. Knowing the history of the family and how the wealth holders struggled to overcome hardship and challenges can make the up and coming generations proud of their legacy and find it worthwhile to build on that legacy. When a family discovers the shared purpose of the family wealth is much bigger than faster cars, bigger homes, and more exotic vacations, there is buy in and a desire to perpetuate this family history and the wealth that enables the family to come together to support causes and organizations that have a lasting impact in their community and around the world.

Multi-generation family conferences are candid and educational conversations that elevate the awareness of family history and wealth intentions that can help address the core issues that lead to wealth depletion.

Itineraries for family conferences can include:

  • An overview of the family history
  • Discussion of attributes that describe the family
  • Developing a purpose statement for the family wealth
  • Relationship building activities such as StrengthsFinder or Love Languages
  • Wealth management philosophy and tools
  • Review of the family’s wealth structure and vehicles

We want you to be able to look back over your life and feel confident that you will support the causes you care deeply about and have prepared your heirs to wisely manage the wealth you leave them. With our support and guidance, you can develop core family values in your heirs for generations to come to help achieve your goals.

Let us guide your family along the wealth transfer journey so your family can make the impact you desire.

“We make a living by what we earn. But we make a life by what we give”
- Winston Churchill