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Our Process

We think you should know and feel good about where you are; that is why our process is based on providing continual clarity and confidence through comprehensive financial planning.

If you were to meet with us three years from now and look back over those three years, what would need to happen, personally and professionally, for you to be happy with your progress? Specifically…

  • What dangers need to be eliminated?
  • What opportunities need to expand?
  • What strengths need to be maximized?

STEP 1: Identify and Prioritize

We begin by assessing your life goals. We then put them in order of priority with an eye for your current financial life stage. Over the years, we will measure and review progress made toward their accomplishment.

STEP 2: Develop

Next, we develop investment objectives and strategies to achieve your goals while balancing the need for growth, stability, income, tax management, and diversification.

STEP 3: Review. Repeat

We then review your assets and liabilities, cash flow, and income planning. We also review your wills, trusts, durable powers of appointment to identify the selection, allocation, and timing of beneficiary distributions and successor trustee duties, costs, and designations. And finally, we review your income, capital gain, and estate tax exposure, examining ways to redirect these taxes to the family and organizations that share their values.

STEP 4: Evaluate

Evaluate business continuation plans, procedures, and funding. Develop strategies to convert non-liquid business equity to diversified, liquid, income-producing wealth to accomplish what is important to clients and their families.

STEP 5: Identify

Identify charitable planning strategies to enable clients to fulfill their giving goals.

STEP 6: Examine

Examine needs, costs, and structures for life, disability, long-term care, health, property-casualty, and liability insurance.

STEP 7: Prepare

Prepare a written financial blueprint that acts as a map or course charted toward achieving your financial and charitable goals.

Looking back to look forward.

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